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  • Trump furiously attacks China as top dog in currency manipulation
    President Donald Trump declared China the “grand champions” of currency manipulation on Thursday, just hours after his new Treasury secretary pledged a more methodical approach to analysing Beijing’s foreign exchange practises. In an exclusive interview, Trump said he has not “held back” in his assessment that China manipulates its yuan currency, despite not acting on a campaign promise to declare it a currency manipulator on his first day in office. “Well...
  • Taiwan’s military drug scandal sparks call for tougher penalties
    Taiwanese lawmakers on Thursday called for tougher penalties for drug abuse within the military after revelations of major use of ­illicit substances in the ­defence forces. In what appeared to be the first scandal of its kind involving the island’s military, Taiwanese Defence Minister Feng Shih-kuan admitted that there was problem of a “substance abuse” in the ­forces. His remarks came after 20 of 3,000 personnel at the island’s main air force base at...
  • Ex-Taiwan affairs cadre gets the axe from top Chinese advisory body
    A former senior mainland Chinese official responsible for Taiwan affairs was removed from the country’s top advisory body, state media ­reported on Thursday. Sources said Zheng Lizhong’s removal from the Chinese ­People’s Political Consultative Conference could be a sign that he may be implicated in “economic crimes”, a common euphemism for corruption. Zheng is a former executive vice-director of the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office. He is also...
  • Hong Kong’s land supply for private flats likely to exceed target again in 2017-18
    The land supply for private housing in the coming financial year is expected to be sufficient to build almost 32,000 flats, exceeding the government target for the fourth consecutive year. The government’s plan to sell 28 plots of land for private housing in 2017-18 is expected to provide almost 19,000 flats, while the remainder will come from railway property, urban renewal and private redevelopment projects. Although the total supply of 31,620 flats – the most since 2012-13...
  • China will take ‘necessary steps’ for security if N Korean regime collapses
    China will take the “necessary measures” to safeguard national security in the event of the collapse of the neighbouring North Korean regime, a defence official said on Thursday. The recent assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam has sparked renewed concerns over the stability of Pyongyang and the possibility of a collapse of the reclusive regime. Beijing – long seen as the guarantor of Pyongyang’s security – has...

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  • Wonder-ful news: 13-year-old girl wins Supreme Court decision over service dog

    Wonder-ful news: 13-year-old girl wins Supreme Court decision over service dogYou may have seen photos of a young girl and her goldendoodle Wonder on the steps of the Supreme Court on social media, so who is she and why is she smiling? On Wednesday, the Supreme Court unanimously sided with Fry, which may allow her to sue her local school board for damages for the emotional distress she said she suffered by being denied the assistance of her service dog. “The school district had decided that Wonder wasn’t necessary,” Stacy Fry, Ehlena’s mother, told Yahoo News.

  • Turkish-backed forces seize center of Syria's al-Bab from IS

    Turkish-backed forces seize center of Syria's al-Bab from ISBy Humeyra Pamuk and John Davison ISTANBUL/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Turkish-backed rebels have seized the center of al-Bab town from Islamic State, Turkish state media and rebels said on Thursday, in a boost to Ankara's drive to defeat the militant group in northern Syria. Turkey launched its "Operation Euphrates Shield" in August in an effort to push Islamic State from its border and stop the advance of a Syrian Kurdish militia. Taking control of al-Bab, an Islamic State stronghold 30 km (20 miles) from the Turkish border, would deepen Turkish influence in an area of Syria where it has effectively created a buffer zone and would allow the Ankara-backed forces to press on towards Raqqa, Islamic State's de facto capital in Syria.

  • Seeing Double? Puppy Born in Shelter Has Bizarre Image of Herself on Left Ear

    Seeing Double? Puppy Born in Shelter Has Bizarre Image of Herself on Left Ear"We had put up a picture of her trying to get her adopted, and someone commented, 'Oh look, she's got a dog on her ear,'" said a shelter representative.

  • The 2018 Range Rover Velar Is a Glass Roof With Some Car Attached

    The 2018 Range Rover Velar Is a Glass Roof With Some Car AttachedAnd it shares its name with the first Range Rover prototype.

  • The Best Keyboards For Serious Typists

    The Best Keyboards For Serious Typists

  • Amazon’s $20 Netgear router deal is back

    Amazon’s $20 Netgear router deal is back

    If you need to blanket a massive house with lightning-fast Wi-Fi, this is not the solution for you. Head on over to our big in-depth mesh networking system comparison and you'll find what you're looking for. But if you need a solid router that offers fast data speeds and more than enough coverage for an apartment or a small to medium-sized home, you'll be excited to learn that Amazon is once again offering the NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Router with High Power 5dBi External Antennas for just $19.99. This terrific and affordable router has a 4-star rating from nearly 7,700 customer reviews, so you know it'll get the job done. And for a penny under $20, you really can't go wrong.

    Here are a few key takeaways from the product page:

    • N300 Wi-Fi speed for faster downloads & Internet gaming
    • 5dBi antennas for improved Wi-Fi coverage. NOTE: This product comes with an ethernet cable.
    • Manage your home network with NETGEAR genie
    • Use Push-N-Connect to add devices to your WiFi network with a push of a button
    • GUEST NETWORK ACCESS for separate & secure WiFi access for guests
    • SECURE WIFI CONNECTIONS for highest level wireless security with WPA/WPA2
    • 4 MB flash and 32 MB RAM, Five (5) (1 WAN, 4 LAN) Fast Ethernet ports
    • This version of the product will have 'WNR2020-200PAS' stickered on box

  • 'Glory hole' returns to California lake

    'Glory hole' returns to California lakeMan-made spillway drains excess water from Lake Berryessa

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